Lava Tank FAQ

Published January 11, 2012 by vapehappy

A “Frequently Asked Questions” session with yours truly regarding JonboyUSMC’s Lava Tanks. For more information, visit my YouTube channel (linked above) for other Lava-related videos, or visit the thead on the ECF.


JonboyUSMC’s Lava Tanks

Published January 11, 2012 by vapehappy


JonboyUSMC’s Lava Tanks thread on the Electronic Cigarette Forum has over 700,000 views and just under 45,000 posts. There are more than fifty active members who post at least once a day, and average participation for a “sale night” (when Jon’s newest batch of tanks are presented freshly polished to the hungry masses in a frenzy that lasts less than sixty seconds) has risen to over 120 people. Some may find this insane level of popularity somewhat of a mystery, but those of us who have seen this master craftsman at work and the undeniable beauty of his sparkling creations know that the reality of this Black Friday-esque rush is no secret.

Like a Krispy Kreme donut fresh from the oven, a Lava Tank is a sweet wonder to behold. These cartomizer tanks (read: an electronic-cigarette accessory built around a cartomizer that utilizes a top and bottom cap and polycarbonate or pyrex tubing to house e-liquid which feeds directly into the stainless steel cartomizer by way of one or more holes punched directly into them) are unlike any you have ever seen before. This isn’t your grandma’s carto tank. *insert wink here* Each top and bottom cap is hand turned by Jon into a creation of unparalleled majesty, making each tank unique and indescribably beautiful.

The durability of these tanks is yet another of their assets that, to put it mildly, crush the “competition” into a fine dust. While owners of inferior tanks may complain of leaking, their tanks sliding around on the cartomizer, and easy breakage from even the most minor of falls… Lava owners can rest easy knowing their tanks will simply not leak (even under heavy persuasion), they may pull their PV from their pocket, purse, etc at any moment BY the tank, and a fall from their computer desk (while a harrying moment, indeed) will result in said Lava owner discovering an unscathed tank sparkling as beautifully as the day they frantically tore it from the mailbox.

As you can plainly tell, not only is the Lava Tank well worth its price tag (comparable to those previously mentioned “inferior tanks” at $45 – $55 a piece), but the hype, or rather, obsession is one that is easily explained. The crowning jewel of Lava Tank acquisition is Sale Night, known to those who frequent it as “The Frenzy”, and for good reason. A Lava Tank may not simply be purchased by typing an e-cig supplier’s store URL into your address bar and haphazardly clicking, “Add to Cart.” No. Those 120+ people I mentioned earlier are all crowded on to one thread at one time, frantically hitting Refresh in an attempt to be the first to see the photos of these beautiful tanks and to get in their selections via private message to Jon before everyone else does. If you have heard tell of the magical “Tankless List,” that has been closed, and the amount of people seeking a Lava Tank only grows as publicity and thread activity soars to all-time highs the likes of distant dreams for other e-cig and related accessories manufacturers.

The good news is this, my friends… Thread activity, in this case, pays off. Come on over and see for yourself why Lava Tank mania is here to stay at JonboyUSMC’s Lava Tanks.

Copper Creek

Published January 11, 2012 by vapehappy

Copper Creek Trading Co.

I have tried many juice companies, but Copper Creek is a consistent favorite of mine. In fact, my first vape-related video on YouTube focused on the company, its related thread on the ECF, and its wonderful proprietor, a dear friend of mine by the name of Maureen (known to many of us on the ECF as Flying V, or simply FV).

In my belief, what sets Copper Creek apart is their uncanny ability to keep their juices “true to taste.” If you find yourself vaping some Copper Creek Black Raspberry, you may feel transported to a distant, whimsical forest, eating tart black raspberries straight from the bush. The same could be said of their Cake, which will sweep you off your feet and to a luxe bakery in the heart of Paris, sampling a delectable sweet (with half– no wait, NONE– of the calories). As for House… Well, House Blend is an enigma, and we Copper Creek lovers like it just the way it is.

As all vapers are well aware, taste is subjective. One may rave about a juice, while another may find it quite offensive to the tastebuds. From my own humble experience, and the experience of those I have personally referred to Copper Creek, I can safely say that this is one vendor that has the backing to boast, no matter how selective your tastebuds may be, that you will find not only one new favorite here… But several.

Just to give you all a fair start… For the sweets or bakery lover, I humbly suggest Danish (Raspberry or Cherry additions to this spectacular vape are both favorites), Cake, Butter Rum, or the infamous “The Pie” (known simply on the website as Pumpkin Pie). If tobacco is your thing, Copper Creek has you set with VooDoo, Twisted Tobacco, and House (again, House is an enigma– many taste undertones of tobacco, while some would describe this decadent beast of an e-liquid as a sweet). For the connoisseur of fruit vapes, all are blissfully brewed to perfection, but Black Raspberry, Cherry, Passionfruit and Pear are favorites of mine and many others. If you find yourself craving a beverage vape, look no further than Sweet Tea or Lemonade (each of which you have the option to add many of the myriad of fruit flavors to), or even Irish Creme if you are looking to add some pizzazz to your morning (I find this one tastes quite like an Irish Coffee). Among these titans in the e-liquid world, you will find many more treasures interspersed that may just call your name. Creme de Menthe (a creamy peppermint vape reminiscent of the liqueur as well as tasty little buttermints) is my current favorite of the lot.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, Copper Creek’s previously mentioned “enigma”, House Blend, has just won the honor of the ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)’s Juice of the Year, 2011.

Stop on by and give FV a holler at Copper Creek Trading Co.… You’ll be glad you did.