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Zombie Juice – Cherry Cream Soda

Published February 3, 2012 by vapehappy


I am constantly impressed with Zombie Juice’s ability to take truly out of this world flavors and make them taste both pleasant and natural when vaped. They consistently release top quality, premium e-liquids and the care and thought that goes into each and every one is evident. I have yet to find a flavor of theirs that I do not thoroughly enjoy, and their Cherry Cream Soda is no exception.

I ordered Zombie’s Cherry Cream Soda at 12mg, 50/50 and have been vaping it since it arrived in a carto tank with a 2 ohm resistance carto in my BB (3.7v regulated). I have yet to try it at higher resistance and voltage, but frankly, the need just hasn’t arisen yet. When it arrived, I immediately dripped it and found it to be just a bit light on flavor. I could definitely taste a sweet classic cream soda flavor with just a hint of (is it possible?) carbonation. Now, at over a week steeped, it has aged into an impressively delicious vape.

On the inhale, the old fashioned cream soda flavor really takes center stage with a perfectly balanced cherry undertone. The exhale really brings the cherry flavor to the forefront. Oddly enough at this stage of steeping, an exhale through the nostrils really brings out a carbonated taste and sensation. It’s almost if bubbly goodness comes packed into this e-liquid. Needless to say, the TH is awe-inspiring.

Zombie Juice has done it again. I would recommend this e-liquid to anyone with a fancy for beverage or sweet fruit vapes. It’s truly a winner by all accounts.

Flavor: 6/10 fresh, 8/10 after steeping

TH: 8/10 ; highly impressive for a low nic

Overall Rating: 8/10

Stay tuned, happy vapers! Coming soon… Butterfingerz and Dragon Berry from Zombie Juice, River of Slime from Juicy Vapor, the BB and SB from AltSmoke, and the V2 Maxi Roughstack.