Juicy Vapor – Brain Matter

Published January 27, 2012 by vapehappy


Juicy Vapor has impressed me yet again. Brain Matter packs one heck of a punch! The site describes this wondrous juice as a mix of pomegranate, pear and apple and while I distinctly taste all three flavors, it’s so much more! Brain Matter is reminiscent of a sweet fruit punch and the pomegranate, pear and apple all combine into a delicious medley unlike any other.

I ordered an 18ml of  Brain Matter at 12mg, reduced PG and it’s out of this world! My only complaint with this juice is that I honestly wish I had ordered a larger bottle. It’s definitely going to be a juice in my permanent tank rotation. If you’re looking for an intensely flavored juice, or are just experiencing one of those annoying phases in which you’re plagued by tastebuds in a coma-like state, Brain Matter can play the role of your knight in shining armor.

The TH on this stuff is quite surprising, like most of Juicy’s e-liquids. For a fruit vape at what’s generally considered to be a low level of nicotine, I was honestly surprised by the pleasant amount of TH (at 6v on a 3 ohm carto). It is unlike any juice I have ever experienced! The apple and pear with a touch of what may be best described as “red fruit” forms a delicious onslaught on the tastebuds on the inhale, and the pomegranate is extremely noticeable on the exhale.

Whether you are a lover of fruit vapes, looking for something to liven up those tastebuds, or just can’t get enough of Juicy and are looking for yet another flavor conquest from them, I highly recommend Brain Matter.

TH: 7/10 (but still very present for a fruit vape)

Flavor: 10/10

Overall Rating: 9/10


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