Juicy Vapor – Ecto Plasma

Published January 25, 2012 by vapehappy


Well, happy vapers… It’s official. I’ve found a new favorite juice in Juicy Vapor’s Ecto Plasma. This stuff is otherworldly. Before I launch into exactly how amazing this concoction is, I’d like to give a little feedback on Juicy Vapor as a company.

As would be expected from a reputable dealer, their shipping was incredibly fast. I received each of my orders in 2-3 days (and yes, I still have Brain Matter and River of Slime to try… more on those later). Their prices range from $2.75 (.92c/ml) for a 3ml to $47.49 for a 70ml (.69c/ml). While slightly above market average, the quality is more than worth it. Juicy is known for their specialization in “intense” flavor, so if you want something that packs a punch in the flavor department, look no further. Each of my written order summaries included with the package contained a personal thank you message, which was definitely a nice touch.

And now, on to the good stuff. I received Ecto and my other Juicy flavors yesterday and figured, knowing it was a fruit based flavor, that I’d try it at low voltage first. I’m running it in a Lava tank on a 2.0 ohm cartomizer with a 3.7v battery. If anyone has told you that Ecto Plasma is reminiscent of Hi-C Ecto Cooler, they’re spot on! Sweet lime tantalizes the senses on the inhale, while the exhale boasts a lemon-lime menagerie. This flavor is perfect, and I simply cannot recommend it highly enough,

I can’t communicate how grateful I am for the friends who recommended Juicy to me. Not only has Ecto taken the top spot as my favorite flavor, but they have countless alluring flavors to choose from. I’ll be back with an update on River of Slime and Brain Matter.

To try Ecto and the myriad of other wonderful flavors Juicy has to offer, visit them HERE.


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