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Published January 20, 2012 by vapehappy

ImageAs you may or may not be able to tell from the photo, I have already vaped through over half a tank in my brand new Phiniac. The reason is simple: these stunning works of art are not only durable, but extremely functional.

These new tanks, just recently released to the hungry masses of vapers, are sure to become a hot commodity in the electronic cigarette world. Each one is carefully produced by hand. This painstaking process begins my cutting each glass tube individually, individually adding the beautiful designs, then firing it and putting it through an annealing process: i.e., each tank is heated to an extreme temperature (1000+ degrees in an oven for the better part of a full day) then allowed to cool slowly, thus removing internal stresses and steadily strengthening the tank. The polish is also unmatched by any other tank tubing available on the market.

As you can imagine, this process is not only very precise, requiring the utmost of patience, but it requires innumerable hours of man power. The average price tag on a regular size Phiniac ($50 – $65) is a small price to pay for such a stunning accessory that will not only catch eyes, but stand up to even the most rigorous of external forces.

The various YouTube videos detailing Phiniac tanks being put through some extreme tests (including but not limited to being hucked at a garage door and cement floor, and dropped from six feet on to a hardwood floor) are testament to the durability of these tanks. In my review video, I give an up close and personal view of a Phiniac’s tube side by side with a regular polycarbonate tube. The difference is, to put it mildly, astounding. The Phiniac boasts a thickness at least four times that of an average polycarbonate tube. Add to that the gorgeous detailing and flawless psychedelic designs, and the Phiniac tank is a force to be reckoned with.

I can easily see these tanks turning into one of the most sought after tanks out there. They must have considered every type of person while dreaming up these beauties. They are not only functional works of art whose durability goes above and beyond, but their functionality is pristinely simple. While a Phiniac tank’s caps can be removed without much struggle, they cling to the cartomizer with a vice-like grip that will allow their owners the freedom to grab their personal vaporizer by the tank. Not to mention re-filling has never been easier! And thanks to the durable glass tubing, worrying about a cracked tank is a thing of the past. All my favorite juices that I fear will crack my polycarbonate tanks have found a new home.

I surely hope that these tanks get the attention they deserve, which is the reason I am doing this review. I highly encourage anyone who gets the chance to read this to do themselves and their vape gear a favor and pick up one of these beauties before the secret is out and they fly off the shelves.

You can pick up your brand new Phiniac tank HERE. If you are interested in a plain glass Phiniac (all the durability minus the frills), they are available exclusively from Spring Vapor.


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