LilyBear’s DIY – Key Lime Cheesecake

Published January 15, 2012 by vapehappy


In my never ending quest to find the “next best thing” in the wonderful world of e-liquid, I often find that DIY’ers do it best. While most, if not all, e-liquid vendors were customers once (who woke up one day and decided, “Hey, my juice is pretty darn good. Why not share it with the world?”), it’s undoubtedly easy for them to get caught up in swarm of orders they receive on a daily basis and lose the slightest bit of quality when passed on to their customers. I’m not saying this is true of all vendors, or even most. But I can safely say I have re-ordered from a few companies and gotten that notorious bottle of e-liquid that just turned me off. It’s easy to see how such a thing could happen, especially with the more popular companies.

While it certainly isn’t an option to hand a vendor one of their bottles and ask, “Would YOU vape this?”, it is however a possibility to ask a friendly neighbor of yours who DIY’s to send you some of their prized work. I’ve tried my fair share of DIY e-liquid and while I hope to get into it myself one day, I can already respect the time and effort that goes into making that perfectly crafted bottle without a huge customer base to serve.

One such impressive DIY’er is a friend of mine and fellow Lavacorps member known as Lily, or LilyBear on the ECF. Recently, she PM’ed me asking for my address and stating matter-of-factly that she would send me some “good stuff.” Let’s be honest, I was skeptical. When my fiancee called me Friday afternoon to notify me that I had a package, a confused expression must certainly have clouded my face. I knew I wasn’t expecting anything, so needless to say I was overjoyed to learn it contained LilyBear’s DIY juice, fresh for me to try!

I must start this out by saying Lily is a generous provider, indeed. She was sweet enough to send me four of her DIY flavors, two of them in different VG/PG concentrations. This is the first I have tried, but I gotta say… I can’t put the stuff down!

LilyBear’s DIY Key Lime Cheesecake at a 50/50 concentration at 12mg nic is a treasure to the tastebuds. I simply can’t express how blessed I feel to be allowed the courtesy, nay, the privilege to sample her homebrewed concoction of temptation in a bottle. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, bakery vapes and overly sweet vapes in general are not my forte. But Lily has a definite winner on her hands! At 5.5v with a 3ohm carto in a Lavatank (yes, I tanked it immediately!), the creamy dairy blends perfectly with just the right amount of pristine tart lime on the inhale, while the cheesecake crust joins the party on the exhale. The blend is flawless, the taste out of this world, and at 12mg (generally considered low nic) and 50% VG, the TH is superlative. As you can imagine, vapor production is excellent as well.

I simply can’t say enough about this juice, and the wonderful woman behind it. As I vape this sublime e-liquid, I could almost swear I was biting into a freshly prepared key lime cheesecake. Thank you Lily for allowing this amazing concoction a place in my permanent vape rotation!


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