Spring Vapor – Peppermint Bon Bon & Lemon Square

Published January 13, 2012 by vapehappy


Although I previously posted this review over at the ECF, I feel it deserves some attention here on my blog. It’s rare that 100% VG juice gets the praise it deserves. Being a carto tank user, I don’t vape 100% VG much, and my preferred concentration is 60/40 VG/PG. But with the staggering amount of people out there who are either allergic or intolerant of propylene glycol, producers of 100% VG juices the world over are truly doing a service to the vaping community.

Spring Vapor is one of my favorite juice suppliers, and not only do they provide a 100% VG option, they provide an entire line of PG-free juices. Listed below are my first thoughts on their first PG-free juices I was able to try: Peppermint Bon Bon and Lemon Square.

Peppermint Bon Bon: (12mg, 100% VG) Can you say heaven in a bottle? Gosh, this stuff is wonderful. Perfect balance of not-overly-sweet dark chocolate on the inhale, and creamy peppermint on the exhale. This one definitely has the possibility of an all-day vape for me, and it’s a perfect match for the season! Like many sweet juices, the more you vape it, the better it gets. By the third or fourth hit, the blend of peppermint and chocolate is just so pristine that you would swear you’re eating the real thing… It’s that decadent. I’m in utter awe of this juice. Perfection! Overall Rating: 10/10

Lemon Square: (12mg, 100% VG) Next to the Green Tea with Blueberry, this one is a favorite. Another one where you’d swear you were actually biting into the real thing: in this case, a freshly prepared lemon bar with a pristine layer of meringue. And I may be losing it a bit, but I can actually taste all the different layers combining into a sweet symphony of juice heaven on my tastebuds. Whether you are a fan of bakery vapes, fruit vapes, or are just looking for a new favorite to add to your list… You’ve gotta try this. Overall Rating: 10/10

If any of you were still wondering, I am a huge fan of Spring Vapor’s juice. I highly recommend you go check them out, the sooner the better. They already have an absolutely delightful array of flavors to tempt even the most notoriously picky of tastebuds, and they are growing by the day. Pay them a visit, tell ’em SD sent ya. You may just find your new favorite juice. Head on over HERE.

(WARNING: While a delicious flavor for carto, atty, and glass/pyrex tank users, Peppermint Bon Bon is known to crack polycarbonate tanks.)


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