Zombie Juice – Cherry Cream Soda

Published February 3, 2012 by vapehappy


I am constantly impressed with Zombie Juice’s ability to take truly out of this world flavors and make them taste both pleasant and natural when vaped. They consistently release top quality, premium e-liquids and the care and thought that goes into each and every one is evident. I have yet to find a flavor of theirs that I do not thoroughly enjoy, and their Cherry Cream Soda is no exception.

I ordered Zombie’s Cherry Cream Soda at 12mg, 50/50 and have been vaping it since it arrived in a carto tank with a 2 ohm resistance carto in my BB (3.7v regulated). I have yet to try it at higher resistance and voltage, but frankly, the need just hasn’t arisen yet. When it arrived, I immediately dripped it and found it to be just a bit light on flavor. I could definitely taste a sweet classic cream soda flavor with just a hint of (is it possible?) carbonation. Now, at over a week steeped, it has aged into an impressively delicious vape.

On the inhale, the old fashioned cream soda flavor really takes center stage with a perfectly balanced cherry undertone. The exhale really brings the cherry flavor to the forefront. Oddly enough at this stage of steeping, an exhale through the nostrils really brings out a carbonated taste and sensation. It’s almost if bubbly goodness comes packed into this e-liquid. Needless to say, the TH is awe-inspiring.

Zombie Juice has done it again. I would recommend this e-liquid to anyone with a fancy for beverage or sweet fruit vapes. It’s truly a winner by all accounts.

Flavor: 6/10 fresh, 8/10 after steeping

TH: 8/10 ; highly impressive for a low nic

Overall Rating: 8/10

Stay tuned, happy vapers! Coming soon… Butterfingerz and Dragon Berry from Zombie Juice, River of Slime from Juicy Vapor, the BB and SB from AltSmoke, and the V2 Maxi Roughstack.


Juicy Vapor – Brain Matter

Published January 27, 2012 by vapehappy


Juicy Vapor has impressed me yet again. Brain Matter packs one heck of a punch! The site describes this wondrous juice as a mix of pomegranate, pear and apple and while I distinctly taste all three flavors, it’s so much more! Brain Matter is reminiscent of a sweet fruit punch and the pomegranate, pear and apple all combine into a delicious medley unlike any other.

I ordered an 18ml of  Brain Matter at 12mg, reduced PG and it’s out of this world! My only complaint with this juice is that I honestly wish I had ordered a larger bottle. It’s definitely going to be a juice in my permanent tank rotation. If you’re looking for an intensely flavored juice, or are just experiencing one of those annoying phases in which you’re plagued by tastebuds in a coma-like state, Brain Matter can play the role of your knight in shining armor.

The TH on this stuff is quite surprising, like most of Juicy’s e-liquids. For a fruit vape at what’s generally considered to be a low level of nicotine, I was honestly surprised by the pleasant amount of TH (at 6v on a 3 ohm carto). It is unlike any juice I have ever experienced! The apple and pear with a touch of what may be best described as “red fruit” forms a delicious onslaught on the tastebuds on the inhale, and the pomegranate is extremely noticeable on the exhale.

Whether you are a lover of fruit vapes, looking for something to liven up those tastebuds, or just can’t get enough of Juicy and are looking for yet another flavor conquest from them, I highly recommend Brain Matter.

TH: 7/10 (but still very present for a fruit vape)

Flavor: 10/10

Overall Rating: 9/10

Juicy Vapor – Ecto Plasma

Published January 25, 2012 by vapehappy


Well, happy vapers… It’s official. I’ve found a new favorite juice in Juicy Vapor’s Ecto Plasma. This stuff is otherworldly. Before I launch into exactly how amazing this concoction is, I’d like to give a little feedback on Juicy Vapor as a company.

As would be expected from a reputable dealer, their shipping was incredibly fast. I received each of my orders in 2-3 days (and yes, I still have Brain Matter and River of Slime to try… more on those later). Their prices range from $2.75 (.92c/ml) for a 3ml to $47.49 for a 70ml (.69c/ml). While slightly above market average, the quality is more than worth it. Juicy is known for their specialization in “intense” flavor, so if you want something that packs a punch in the flavor department, look no further. Each of my written order summaries included with the package contained a personal thank you message, which was definitely a nice touch.

And now, on to the good stuff. I received Ecto and my other Juicy flavors yesterday and figured, knowing it was a fruit based flavor, that I’d try it at low voltage first. I’m running it in a Lava tank on a 2.0 ohm cartomizer with a 3.7v battery. If anyone has told you that Ecto Plasma is reminiscent of Hi-C Ecto Cooler, they’re spot on! Sweet lime tantalizes the senses on the inhale, while the exhale boasts a lemon-lime menagerie. This flavor is perfect, and I simply cannot recommend it highly enough,

I can’t communicate how grateful I am for the friends who recommended Juicy to me. Not only has Ecto taken the top spot as my favorite flavor, but they have countless alluring flavors to choose from. I’ll be back with an update on River of Slime and Brain Matter.

To try Ecto and the myriad of other wonderful flavors Juicy has to offer, visit them HERE.

Phiniac Tanks from phiniac.com

Published January 20, 2012 by vapehappy

ImageAs you may or may not be able to tell from the photo, I have already vaped through over half a tank in my brand new Phiniac. The reason is simple: these stunning works of art are not only durable, but extremely functional.

These new tanks, just recently released to the hungry masses of vapers, are sure to become a hot commodity in the electronic cigarette world. Each one is carefully produced by hand. This painstaking process begins my cutting each glass tube individually, individually adding the beautiful designs, then firing it and putting it through an annealing process: i.e., each tank is heated to an extreme temperature (1000+ degrees in an oven for the better part of a full day) then allowed to cool slowly, thus removing internal stresses and steadily strengthening the tank. The polish is also unmatched by any other tank tubing available on the market.

As you can imagine, this process is not only very precise, requiring the utmost of patience, but it requires innumerable hours of man power. The average price tag on a regular size Phiniac ($50 – $65) is a small price to pay for such a stunning accessory that will not only catch eyes, but stand up to even the most rigorous of external forces.

The various YouTube videos detailing Phiniac tanks being put through some extreme tests (including but not limited to being hucked at a garage door and cement floor, and dropped from six feet on to a hardwood floor) are testament to the durability of these tanks. In my review video, I give an up close and personal view of a Phiniac’s tube side by side with a regular polycarbonate tube. The difference is, to put it mildly, astounding. The Phiniac boasts a thickness at least four times that of an average polycarbonate tube. Add to that the gorgeous detailing and flawless psychedelic designs, and the Phiniac tank is a force to be reckoned with.

I can easily see these tanks turning into one of the most sought after tanks out there. They must have considered every type of person while dreaming up these beauties. They are not only functional works of art whose durability goes above and beyond, but their functionality is pristinely simple. While a Phiniac tank’s caps can be removed without much struggle, they cling to the cartomizer with a vice-like grip that will allow their owners the freedom to grab their personal vaporizer by the tank. Not to mention re-filling has never been easier! And thanks to the durable glass tubing, worrying about a cracked tank is a thing of the past. All my favorite juices that I fear will crack my polycarbonate tanks have found a new home.

I surely hope that these tanks get the attention they deserve, which is the reason I am doing this review. I highly encourage anyone who gets the chance to read this to do themselves and their vape gear a favor and pick up one of these beauties before the secret is out and they fly off the shelves.

You can pick up your brand new Phiniac tank HERE. If you are interested in a plain glass Phiniac (all the durability minus the frills), they are available exclusively from Spring Vapor.

LilyBear’s DIY – Key Lime Cheesecake

Published January 15, 2012 by vapehappy


In my never ending quest to find the “next best thing” in the wonderful world of e-liquid, I often find that DIY’ers do it best. While most, if not all, e-liquid vendors were customers once (who woke up one day and decided, “Hey, my juice is pretty darn good. Why not share it with the world?”), it’s undoubtedly easy for them to get caught up in swarm of orders they receive on a daily basis and lose the slightest bit of quality when passed on to their customers. I’m not saying this is true of all vendors, or even most. But I can safely say I have re-ordered from a few companies and gotten that notorious bottle of e-liquid that just turned me off. It’s easy to see how such a thing could happen, especially with the more popular companies.

While it certainly isn’t an option to hand a vendor one of their bottles and ask, “Would YOU vape this?”, it is however a possibility to ask a friendly neighbor of yours who DIY’s to send you some of their prized work. I’ve tried my fair share of DIY e-liquid and while I hope to get into it myself one day, I can already respect the time and effort that goes into making that perfectly crafted bottle without a huge customer base to serve.

One such impressive DIY’er is a friend of mine and fellow Lavacorps member known as Lily, or LilyBear on the ECF. Recently, she PM’ed me asking for my address and stating matter-of-factly that she would send me some “good stuff.” Let’s be honest, I was skeptical. When my fiancee called me Friday afternoon to notify me that I had a package, a confused expression must certainly have clouded my face. I knew I wasn’t expecting anything, so needless to say I was overjoyed to learn it contained LilyBear’s DIY juice, fresh for me to try!

I must start this out by saying Lily is a generous provider, indeed. She was sweet enough to send me four of her DIY flavors, two of them in different VG/PG concentrations. This is the first I have tried, but I gotta say… I can’t put the stuff down!

LilyBear’s DIY Key Lime Cheesecake at a 50/50 concentration at 12mg nic is a treasure to the tastebuds. I simply can’t express how blessed I feel to be allowed the courtesy, nay, the privilege to sample her homebrewed concoction of temptation in a bottle. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, bakery vapes and overly sweet vapes in general are not my forte. But Lily has a definite winner on her hands! At 5.5v with a 3ohm carto in a Lavatank (yes, I tanked it immediately!), the creamy dairy blends perfectly with just the right amount of pristine tart lime on the inhale, while the cheesecake crust joins the party on the exhale. The blend is flawless, the taste out of this world, and at 12mg (generally considered low nic) and 50% VG, the TH is superlative. As you can imagine, vapor production is excellent as well.

I simply can’t say enough about this juice, and the wonderful woman behind it. As I vape this sublime e-liquid, I could almost swear I was biting into a freshly prepared key lime cheesecake. Thank you Lily for allowing this amazing concoction a place in my permanent vape rotation!

Spring Vapor – Peppermint Bon Bon & Lemon Square

Published January 13, 2012 by vapehappy


Although I previously posted this review over at the ECF, I feel it deserves some attention here on my blog. It’s rare that 100% VG juice gets the praise it deserves. Being a carto tank user, I don’t vape 100% VG much, and my preferred concentration is 60/40 VG/PG. But with the staggering amount of people out there who are either allergic or intolerant of propylene glycol, producers of 100% VG juices the world over are truly doing a service to the vaping community.

Spring Vapor is one of my favorite juice suppliers, and not only do they provide a 100% VG option, they provide an entire line of PG-free juices. Listed below are my first thoughts on their first PG-free juices I was able to try: Peppermint Bon Bon and Lemon Square.

Peppermint Bon Bon: (12mg, 100% VG) Can you say heaven in a bottle? Gosh, this stuff is wonderful. Perfect balance of not-overly-sweet dark chocolate on the inhale, and creamy peppermint on the exhale. This one definitely has the possibility of an all-day vape for me, and it’s a perfect match for the season! Like many sweet juices, the more you vape it, the better it gets. By the third or fourth hit, the blend of peppermint and chocolate is just so pristine that you would swear you’re eating the real thing… It’s that decadent. I’m in utter awe of this juice. Perfection! Overall Rating: 10/10

Lemon Square: (12mg, 100% VG) Next to the Green Tea with Blueberry, this one is a favorite. Another one where you’d swear you were actually biting into the real thing: in this case, a freshly prepared lemon bar with a pristine layer of meringue. And I may be losing it a bit, but I can actually taste all the different layers combining into a sweet symphony of juice heaven on my tastebuds. Whether you are a fan of bakery vapes, fruit vapes, or are just looking for a new favorite to add to your list… You’ve gotta try this. Overall Rating: 10/10

If any of you were still wondering, I am a huge fan of Spring Vapor’s juice. I highly recommend you go check them out, the sooner the better. They already have an absolutely delightful array of flavors to tempt even the most notoriously picky of tastebuds, and they are growing by the day. Pay them a visit, tell ’em SD sent ya. You may just find your new favorite juice. Head on over HERE.

(WARNING: While a delicious flavor for carto, atty, and glass/pyrex tank users, Peppermint Bon Bon is known to crack polycarbonate tanks.)

Zombie Juice – Millenium Milkshake

Published January 11, 2012 by vapehappy

ImageTwo months ago in November 2011, I was able to visit my very first brick-and-mortar e-cig shop: Electronicstix in Ogden, Utah. While a wonderful shop, very clean, well-presented, and stocked full of friendly, helpful staff… This review’s focus is on a 35ml treasure I was able to procure inside: Millenium Milkshake from Zombie Juice.

I purchased my “MM” at 12mg in 50/50 VG/PG. I’m not usually a fan of the sweeter, “milkshake” flavors, but I will be the first to admit that this juice knocked my socks off. My favorite fruit flavor on earth is pineapple and this wonderfully decadent vape is best described as, you guessed it, a pineapple milkshake. I found that, similarly to most fruit flavors, it really shone at cooler temps, such as on a 3.7v device with a 2.0 ohm atty or carto.

Having only 35ml and not knowing when or if Zombie Juice would sell this delicious vape online, I have hoarded half of it and am now revisiting it on a 3.7 Saber Touch Mini with a 2.0 ohm carto.

While the pineapple was initially a very strong almost candy-like flavor, the steeping has somehow made this juice even better than before. It has blended with the creaminess of the milkshake to produce what I can best describe as a Dole Whip (for those of you have yet to try one, it is a delicious soft-service ice cream made with fresh pineapple), one of my favorite treats the world over. I am thoroughly enjoying this juice even more than I did when I purchased it fresh, which I definitely didn’t see coming. On the inhale, I’m getting a delectable creamy flavor reminiscent of vanilla ice cream almost with the pineapple as an afterthought, and the exhale surprises with a burst of fresh pineapple flavor.

In summation, while a fresh bottle of Zombie Juice’s Millenium Milkshake will pack a delicious wallop of sweet pineapple candy with a creamy aftertaste, the steeped juice is just as, if not more, impressive, boasting a deliciously creamy pineapple swirl (not overly sweet, but perfectly balanced). Personally, I enjoy it either way and now that Zombie Juice has a website up, I plan to try many more of their flavors. (Taking the front seat for next-to-try at the moment is their Dragon Berry [a mix of forest berries, lime, lemon, mango and orange] and their Cherry Cream Soda).

Flavor: 7/10 prior to steeping, 9/10 after steeping

TH: 8/10

Overall Rating: 8/10

Pay them a visit at: Zombie Juice!

(Side Note: If you are a user of polycarbonate tanks, please be aware that due to the pineapple flavoring, Millenium Milkshake has been added to the list of juices that may crack tanks. If you wish to give it a try, I suggest using a cartomizer, atomizer, or pyrex tank.)